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At certain exposure levels, lead is a poisonous substance that causes blood disorders, brain disorders, and damages the nervous system. Lead accumulates in the body over time. Lead removal requires a professional removal service like the one provided by Nick Restoration LLC of Randolph, NJ.

Until it was banned, lead was used in paint to resist moisture, speed up drying, and maintain a fresh appearance. However, it is now recognized as a source of serious developmental issues for fetuses and children. As lead paint ages, it chips or crumbles into dust and becomes harmful to human health Our lead based paint mitigation and removal services safely remove lead dust from water, air, or soil.

Don't take chances if your property was constructed before lead’s use was banned. The certified professionals at Nick Restoration LLC put our 25 years of experience in lead abatement projects to use in every project we do. Regardless of the size of your project, we can it handle quickly and capably.

If you are looking for effective lead paint testing and restoration, our highly trained professionals can perform the work efficiently for you. From inspections to lead removal, we get the job done properly at an affordable price. Our qualified specialists are trained in OSHA safety regulations, and we are properly certified for performing remediation services that comply with federal and state regulations.

If you have a lead contamination issue, please call Nick Restoration LLC for lead removal in Randolph, NJ today! You can trust our experts to get your job done effectively. We guarantee excellent results in any job we perform.

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