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Mold infests a property through the introduction of a water source. It can spread within 72 hours and produce allergens that cause potential adverse health effects. If you suspect you have a serious mold problem, a mold removal specialist from Nick Restoration LLC can inspect your Randolph, NJ property and assess your problem. If mold is discovered after an inspection, performing remediation is important to family health.

Since microscopic mold spores exist naturally in the environment, removing mold means removing an infestation. Our restoration business understands the science behind mold growth. As a qualified restoration company, Nick Restoration LLC has trained its technicians to remediate mold expertly wherever it is found. Mold remediation involves getting mold levels back to normal.

Every mold damage case requires a unique solution because it is different, even though the general remediation process remains the same. If you have a substantial concentration of mold, you may detect a telltale musty odor. If you detect a musty smell, see if you can locate where the smell is coming from. Removing mold is not only good for your health, it is necessary to protect your building’s condition. While mildew will not damage property, other forms of mold cause rot.

Sometimes probing a suspect area with a sharp tool reveals soft wood underneath. When wood is soft, it means fungi has started to rot the wood. Other times, the suspect area is visibly undetectable. We have special instruments to detect the source, when it is undetectable to the naked eye. Our mold removal specialists have the training, expertise, and equipment to handle any mold clean up. They capably perform fast and affordable restoration in attics, basements, and other spaces.

You need to clean up a mold infestation quickly before it worsens. If you suspect an infestation is present, contact Nick Restoration LLC about taking care of your mold removal in Randolph, NJ.

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